An app where people can connect using their location to hang out. There is an option to make it public or private. Once you click the pink EDSO icon and If you want to meet and connect with new people or your existing followers then you can input what you want to do, i.e., go out for drinks, lunch, museum, movie, swimming, drive, walk, gym, cricket, etc., then you can select it online and place a request for your location.

  • The second option for people who are trying to connect with others for assistances such as vehicle breaking down, taking someone to the hospital, needing a lift, or other social activities.
  • The third option is for those who are trying to get in touch in the field of business with people like psychiatrist, coder, designer dancer, etc.
  • There is a chat option that shows your conversations with people and a notifications bar that lets you know if someone is interested in your plan or if they want to follow you.
  • Under your profile, you can even upload any photos or video and share it to the public domain. You can always edit the details on your profile or block someone that’s misbehaving.
  • There is a location tab that shows you the location of your placed request.
  • There is another section for you to view the video uploaded near your location.

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