An app where people can connect using their location to hang out. There is an option to make it public or private. Once you click the pink EDSO icon and If you want to meet and connect with new people or your existing followers then you can input what you want to do, i.e., go …

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Fight Crime

Police departments around the world seem to be relieved by this advantage. They say that it helps them to identify and arrest the suspect quickly because the posts were shared on neighbourhood web pages. It acts as a nexus between the police and the citizens to improve the relations between them. Promotion You can connect …

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Spread Awareness

Social media platforms provide a great space for spreading awareness regarding anything and everything – mental health, the LGBT community, animal welfare, racism, gender discrimination, etc. You can join any of these and be a flag bearer yourself.

Want a break from Facebook but still wanna socialize? Here are the perfect alternatives.

Facebook, being the most famous social media app for connecting with your friends and family has been filled with a lot of hate lately. It has been accused of privacy breach, inciting violence and promoting a lot of political campaign. Now people rarely use it for its actual purpose. Many celebrities have left the platform …

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A Simple Guide to Design Thinking

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