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Want a break from Facebook but still wanna socialize? Here are the perfect alternatives.

Facebook, being the most famous social media app for connecting with your friends and family has been filled with a lot of hate lately. It has been accused of privacy breach, inciting violence and promoting a lot of political campaign. Now people rarely use it for its actual purpose. Many celebrities have left the platform due to the above mentioned reasons and people who need a break from all that but not at the cost of their social life are looking for alternatives.

If you’re also planning something similar then we have the best options for you. Many apps have recently been available in the market for the sole purpose of meeting new people and connecting with friends.

Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is one of the three modes of Bumble, namely- Bumble Date, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. If you’re looking for friends after moving in to a new city or just looking for new people to meet in your place then it is the perfect app for you.

Although Bumble BFF is said to be for female friendships only, it can be used by men too. Bumble has a existing reputation in the market and this version is said to be more tied towards friendships than any other app.You can consider this if you’re looking for new people or simply eager to make new friends.

We 3 app

As the name suggests, this app places you into a group of three people instead of the usual duo. You can have an oven-ready group that you just need to nourish now.

You meet people who’re considerably similar to you, personality-wise, through their “Smart Matching” algorithm. Similar to tinder, it shows you the profiles of people that simply show you their values/beliefs/activities/interests and you’re asked to swipe left or right for them.


An app where you can meet people in your proximity by sharing and matching each-other’s vibes. You can send vibes through the app for anything – a day out, drinks in a bar, cycling, volunteering or even hiring a tutor for your child etc.

Along with great outings with friend this app is useful in many other ways. You can collectively go and donate stuff, help underprivileged people or give your time in an NGO.

It also gives you the option for business meets such as hiring someone for your firm.

Along with these features, you can also share your pictures, videos and other experiences with your friends. It’s a great app for people who either love random plans or just wanna spend time with their friends.


You can use MeetMe to make new friends in your vicinity. This app explores and recommends your similar people with whom you can plan an outing or party night.

Not just that you could plan out a simpler one too, a picnic together or maybe visiting the nearby art gallery together.


An app for meeting people with similar interests, Friender allows you to chat with people who share at least one common interest with you. It is best for people wanting to expand their social circle.

You can use it for free if you want to, however it has a premium upgrade which allows you to change your location, unlimited swipes or be at the top of the search bar. If you don’t mind spending few bucks in return to making new friends then you’ll like this one.