Roopshree Surana

Performance Enhancement & Communication Coach

Roop is a Performance Enhancement Coach and a Leadership Facilitator with a passion for helping organizational leaders reach their full potential. She strongly believes that one must seek their passion and yield it to steer their leadership.
She helps leaders to discover the power of Purpose-driven communication and Self-awareness in their own lives. As a seasoned facilitator, with experience spanning multiple industries including banking, IT, ITES, Telecom, FMCG, she has a unique perspective on the importance of personal growth & development in the workplace.
She works with teams and organizations to infuse psychological safety into the fabric of their culture through a diverse range of interactive learning experiences.
Her dedication to personal growth and helping others achieve their purpose has made her a sought after facilitator & mentor in the industry.
She is on a personal mission to Empower Individuals to Transform from Underestimated to Unstoppable!
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An Unfolding Journey of Learning & Growth

Upskill – Influence – Lead

If now is the time to take the leap and embark on your transformative leadership experience, I’d love to help.

As an executive leadership facilitator with years of experience working with senior leaders and executives, I’m committed to helping individuals achieve their leadership goals and drive positive change in their organizations.

I bring a unique perspective in my facilitative interventions – one that understands the challenges and complexities that leaders face firsthand.

The journey unfolds in 3 phases.

A program to help women express who they are!

Conscious Visibility and being intentional about it, is important to influence and create positive and profound impact as a leader

Come join us for a 6-week training program where we create a psychologically safe and reflective space for you to deeply understand and articulate the unique voice and value that you offer the world. 

Every week we will work step by step to help you Rise & Shine

Here’s how the journey is structured,

Module 1 – Designing Confidence – Be Yourself – Image Audit

Module 2 – The Conscious YOU – Achieve Emotional balance

Module 3 – The Fullness of ME

Module 4 – Brand YOU – how to do it right

Module 5 – Switch Your PITCH! – put your best self forward, Craft your bragalogue

Module 6 – Celebrate Yourself


Let’s create magic together.

Play is our brain’s favourite way to learn

– Diane Ackerman

Our mission is to help teams bond & individuals grow!

Every challenge/hurdle we face at work can be imagined as a game to be played. We enable joyful learning through the power of play.

We design learning interventions that,

  1. Transform complex learning curves into fun & engaging challenges
  2. Foster grass-root level creativity and build an innovation ecosystem
  3. Fuels Social learning, teamwork & collaboration
  4. Shifts routine work monotony into fun challenges

Diverse range of activities –

  • Board Games

  • Tactile Games

  • Card Based Games

  • Theme Games

  • Floor-Mat Based Games

Let’s experience the MAGIC of Games to make learning SIMPLE, FUN & ENGAGING

Through a personalized coaching approach, I empower leaders to navigate challenges, embrace changes, enhance emotional intelligence, and tap into their full potential.

Leadership isn’t just about passive learning; it’s a continual journey fuelled by active engagement and purposeful application. ​​​True leadership is cultivated through experience, honed with time, and refined through practice. It’s not merely about absorbing information, but about integrating new skills into your leadership toolkit.

By embracing a holistic approach, leaders can enhance their presence, foster trust and influence the teams to achieve progress.

Connect with me and let’s explore how we can work together to unlock your leadership excellence.