HOW TO USE ASANA | Asana Tutorial for Beginners (Project Management Software) 2021

Asana is a powerful and free project management software designed to simply plan and manage team projects and tasks through an easy-to-use and streamlined project interface. Here is a Tutorial for Beginners who need to manage their projects or tasks. It’s free to use for up to 15 people which is ideal for small teams …

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Fight Crime

Police departments around the world seem to be relieved by this advantage. They say that it helps them to identify and arrest the suspect quickly because the posts were shared on neighbourhood web pages. It acts as a nexus between the police and the citizens to improve the relations between them. Promotion You can connect …

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An app where people can connect using their location to hang out. There is an option to make it public or private. Once you click the pink EDSO icon and If you want to meet and connect with new people or your existing followers then you can input what you want to do, i.e., go …

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Spread Awareness

Social media platforms provide a great space for spreading awareness regarding anything and everything – mental health, the LGBT community, animal welfare, racism, gender discrimination, etc. You can join any of these and be a flag bearer yourself.

Advantages of Social Media

There are 376 million social media users in India as of 2020. The numbers are predicted to reach a whopping 447 million in the next three years. With the growing popularity of these platforms, it isn’t hard to say that in the coming years this will create a revolution on a worldwide scale. Even bigger …

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