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The Ultimate Saviour of Your 2020 Boredom

Hey Alexa what are the top social media apps?

Human nature by default has been programmed to be socially active to a certain extent. The right social media app will save you time, connect you to the world amidst the COVID-19 era, let you vibe with your surroundings and a lot more. You can do your job more effectively and efficiently. Technology advances and continues to grow in the 21st century.

Relationships begin, grow and end on social media. Youth has access to their pocket money through social platforms. Binge watching Netflix, travelling and chanting ABd during the IPL season, imparting knowledge across the continents and what not can you do through your black and white touchscreen.

Here are some apps that you keep scrolling all day under your thumb:

1.Dil kholo duniya khulegi; Facebook: The king of social media which has the most users across the globe. It is the ultimate social media platform and has around 2 billion active users. Facebook has been discovering and connecting people since 2006. Once Facebook tagged “It’s free and always will be” and has abided by since. Thinking of connecting to the world for the first time? You already know the answer.

2.Capture and share the world’s moment; Instagram: Instagram has been ever-evolving since 2010. It is as safe as Facebook after being purchased by Facebook. Many influencers have grown out of Instagram popularly termed as “Insta”. Used by almost all the top brands of the world Instagram has gained a lot of popularity among the youth with its exciting features. Newly added to the app are “reels” and “IGTV”. The dynamic features offered by the app are attractive and have allowed the users to share pictures specific to them or their brand.

3.It’s what’s happening; Twitter: One of the first platforms to adopt the hashtag was Twitter. This platform allows brands and users to communicate via short messages – also known as “tweets”. With more than 336 million active users, Twitter can be a powerful way to market your business.

4.Broadcast yourself; YouTube: The best way to target and create a new audience in 2020 is YouTube. Documenting lives, promoting products or movies, comedy or horror YouTube has got all covered. The platform is great for sharing videos and music as well as live streaming content across the web. It’s a powerhouse for any of your video needs. With more than 1.8 billion active users YouTube remains the most popular video sharing platform in the world.

5.It’s between you; WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a messaging app used to communicate with friends and family, used across 180 countries. The latest feature of WhatsApp to connect business has got much attention. WhatsApp has been building out its business platform to allow businesses to have a proper business profile, to provide customer support, and to share updates with customers about their purchases. Facebook’s WhatsApp has captured the imagination of billions of users across the globe.

The above mentioned apps are just the scratch from the surface in world of social media. There are thousands of social media apps in the world. A little bit of digging and you will be able to find a social media app dedicated to whatever niches interest you.